ebook Sales Data

It’s not uncommon to read articles over the past couple of years praising the return of printed book sales (and the decline of digital). Here’s just one example from last March in the Guardian.

There’s a problem with that argument, though. And last week Quartz detailed the problem: sales data doesn’t take into account digital-only books self-published through Amazon. And by all estimations that’s quite a few sales to be excluding.

Part of the problem here is that when it comes to digital, things begin and end with Amazon. And they’re quite conservative about releasing any detailed sales numbers.

The making of Rebel Girls

Books are social objects, by definition.
Elena Favilli

Craig Mod’s On Margins podcast is one of my favorites.1 In the most recent episode he talks with Elena Favilli, co-creator of Timbukutu Labs. They cover the company’s early days and then dive into the wildly successful release of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.

Over the course of the conversation they talk about traditional publishing and the tenuous connection between prestige and commercial success. It’s worth a listen (or a read, the full transcript is on the site).

  1. I like it for more than just the naming overlap![]